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Krist Mynst Interview (Special Thanks to CreamPie For This Amazing Interview)

Cream Pie: Hello Kristi and welcome to Cream Pie.
Kristi: Thanks for having me. Who will I be working with today?

Cream Pie: You will be working with him (pointing to Christopher Streams).
Kristi: I thought I would be working with you.

Cream Pie: Yes, I'm doing the interview and camera work and Chris will do the fucking. I thought you met Chris before.
Kristi: I've seen him working camera on one of the sets but we haven't met.
Cream Pie: Well, let me introduce you.

Cream Pie: Now that you know each other it will be a lot easier to fuck.
Kristi: I heard he cums a lot.

Cream Pie: Yes, Chris cums a lot. He can shoot a load across the room. Is that a concern?
Kristi: I'm not using any birth control and I don't want to get pregnant. Can he cum in my ass instead?

Cream Pie: If you're concerned about the amount of cum why don't we have Chris cum in your ass first, then he can cum in your pussy afterwards. That way, there will be less cum in your pussy.
Kristi: Oh, ok. Let's do that.

Cream Pie: Only one condition, after he fucks you in the ass and fills your ass with cum, you will have to clean his cock with your mouth before he fucks you in the pussy.
Kristi: You want an ass-to-mouth? I can do that.

Cream Pie: No, I'm just kidding, you don't have to do that.
Kristi: Whatever makes your fans happy.

Cream Pie: I know you have an appointment later today to get your passport pictures taken, so, let's get started on your interview. Can you tell us about yourself?
Kristi: My name is Kristi Myst and I have blonde hair, green eyes, 5' 5" and I weigh 110 pounds.

Cream Pie: Where are you from?
Kristi: I'm from Simi Valley, California.

Cream Pie: When is your birthday?
Kristi: December 25th.

Cream Pie: I noticed that you have a new boob job. Is this a redo?
Kristi: Yes, I just had them redone.

Cream Pie: Are you married or in a relationship?
Kristi: No, I'm single.

Cream Pie: Being single, how do you meet your sexual needs?
Kristi: Is this a trick question? I get off when I'm making movies. Other than that, I masturbate.

Cream Pie: Tell us what the passport pictures are for?
Kristi: I'm going to Japan for XPW Wrestling.

Cream Pie: Being a wrestling babe is keeping you busy, huh? Does it interfere with your porn career?
Kristi: No, it doesn't. The organizations are related in management. So, they manage my time and let me know what I have to do.

Cream Pie: Tell me, is it normal to show up on a set and not know who you're going to fuck?
Kristi: No, I'm usually told who I'm working with or who I may be working with if there are more than one possibilities. I may not know the guy or girl personally but I have an idea of who they are.

Cream Pie: Earlier in your career, you were known for your role as Buffy in the Buffy series from Hustler. Do fans recognize you as Buffy?
Kristi: I'm sure there are fans that know me from the Buffy series but they don't mention it. Hustler still sells the series in every issue of their video magazine as a collector's item. That was a different part of my life. It was fun while it lasted.

Cream Pie: Do you know what a cream pie is?
Kristi: At first I didn't but Jason explained it to me when he called.

Cream Pie: I just want to make sure that we're on the same page. Have you ever seen a cream pie in a video?
Kristi: No, I haven't. This is the first time.

Cream Pie: I haven't shown you anything yet.
Kristi: This is my first time dealing with it and getting to see it.

Cream Pie: Wait a minute. Off camera, haven't you had a guy cum in your pussy or ass?
Kristi: Yes! I even got pregnant and had a baby.

Cream Pie: It's exactly the same thing but on video, the cameraman focuses on the pussy or ass as the cum oozes out so that the audience will know that the guy really came inside the girl. Oh, and no babies are produced either.
Kristi: Ok, I'm with you. It sounds hot.

Cream Pie: Do you feel it when a guy cums in your pussy?
Kristi: I don't feel his cum but I feel him pulsing and getting off. I can tell that he is cumming.

Cream Pie: So, when a guy cums in your pussy, later, do you find that his cum still oozes from your pussy?
Kristi: Yes! That happens!

Cream Pie: If you're out in public, what do you do about it?
Kristi: Either find a bathroom to clean up or just let my clothes get wet. There is not much I can do about it.

Cream Pie: What type of cocks do you like? Does size matter?
Kristi: Right now, I'm doing a lot of anal. It's better for me if the guy's cock is not too big.

Cream Pie: Do you care if the guy is circumcised or not?
Kristi: It's better if he is circumcised. Some of the guys show up on set and don't clean themselves very well. But if a guy has good hygiene practices it doesn't matter to me. You can't tell until you get down there, then it's too late.

Cream Pie: You could always say no to a guy that's not keeping himself clean.
Kristi: If it's at work and depending on how bad it is, yeah.

Cream Pie: What about your personal life, will you not tell him that he smells?
Kristi: I guess I will. I'm just thinking of his feelings.

Cream Pie: We have to watch you fuck and you have to run out and get your passport pictures. Do you have any final words for us before you start?
Kristi: Yes. Thanks for including me on Cream Pie and I hope everyone enjoys what they are about to see.

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